Mauritius photo of Red Lionfish at Odysseo aquarium

Red Lionfish at Odysseo aquarium

Photography by Photographer Nashad Rujobolly
225 views  /  Date taken : Sat, Aug 06 2022
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A red Lionfish in big aquarium at Odysseo Oceanrium, Caudan, Port Louis. It is possible to walk in the middle of the fishes and to be sensitized to the protection of the environment. An Oceanorium named Odysseo opened in September in Port-Louis. Two million liters of water distributed in 45 outdoor and indoor aquariums host some 3,500 specimens from 200 species, including the emblematic corals, bull sharks, jellyfish, octopuses and other endemic clown fish. Also to be discovered, a ray that looks like... a shark! There are also some reptiles. Large glass tunnels allow you to go under the big tank to see the fish from every angle. Also impressive is the pool of toxic and venomous species, including the famous stonefish. The place wants to be a platform of education, in particular for the Mauritian children. The emphasis is, not surprisingly, put on the need to preserve nature, especially by making each human being aware of the need to adopt eco-responsible gestures on a daily basis.

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