Mauritius photo of A Flic en Flac Sunset poem

A Flic en Flac Sunset poem

Photography by Photographer Grey Fox
207 views  /  Date taken : Sun, Mar 19 2023
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As the sun begins to set,
And paint the sky with hues of orange,
A boat glides slowly through the lagoon,
In Flic en Flac, a peaceful spread.

The water reflects the colors,
Of the sky, so full of grace,
The air is warm and gentle,
As the boat moves with tranquil pace.

The only sound that can be heard,
Is the soft lapping of the waves,
And the gentle creaking of the boat,
As it moves through the lagoon's maze.

The stillness is almost tangible,
As if the world is holding its breath,
Watching in awe as the sun descends,
And fills the world with its last breath.

The boat moves steadily forward,
A single soul at the helm,
Guiding it through the serene waters,
Like a captain in command of his realm.

As the boat approaches the shore,
The sun dips below the sea,
A moment of beauty and calm,
That will forever be in memory.

And so the boat docks at the pier,
Its journey through the lagoon complete,
A moment of serenity and peace,
That is forever etched in memory's keep.

Gears & Exif

Camera: nikon d5300 Lens: Nikkon 55-300mm Aperture: f8 Exposure: 1/1000 ISO: 200 Focal Length: 62mm

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