Flic en Flac - A beach village

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Flic en Flac, the Mauritian village par excellence

To get away from the tourist clichés and the highly popular area that is the north of the island, while enjoying the sea, excursions and the Mauritian atmosphere, there is a charming place to stay: Flic en Flac! It is on the west coast of Mauritius that this splendid village is located, sheltered from the wind almost all year round. It is mainly here that you will have the privilege each morning to see the many cetaceans of this illustrious Indian Ocean. The geographical situation of Flic en Flac, served by a well-developed transport network, allows you to go to the capital as well as to carry out an expedition in full nature on the west coast. From hiking to beach activities, from shopping to park visits and nightlife, Flic en Flac will seduce you with its incredible Mauritian authenticity! The beach of Flic en Flac in Mauritius was once a peaceful and authentic place frequented by fishermen. Over time, the village has metamorphosed into a flagship of Mauritian tourism, with the establishment of high end hotels belonging to international chains, including Hilton or Sofitel. From now on, it is a lively village where life is good. Indeed, this tourist boom has given a new lease of life to the village where restaurants and bars line the coast. With this development, this place is today the 2nd seaside resort of the island behind Grand Bay. Flic en Flac also benefits from a well-developed transport network with a geographical location that allows for quick access to the center of Mauritius, among others.

Tourism in Flic en Flac

Originally, Flic en Flac was a small fishing village with no tourist attractions, except for its cemetery and hunting. Now, many luxurious hotel chains have settled there, such as La Pirogue, famous for its bungalows that open onto a magnificent coconut grove with more than 1000 trees, or the Sands Hotel with its breathtaking view of Tamarin Bay. Much more luxurious, discover the luxury of Mauritius with its 5 star hotels like the Maradiva or the Sugar Beach. To make you appreciate all the gastronomic flavors of the island, good typical dishes finely concocted will be offered in a large number of restaurants in the village, and you can also taste the "gadjaks", or local snacks, in the snack bars along the main beach. The 1500 meters of beach are ideal for this tourist boom which has only enhanced the natural charm of this small village in Mauritius.

Activities in Flic en Flac

The scuba diving clubs in Flic-en-Flac will take you to the west coast's seabed, which is rich with natural treasures, including a plethora of caves and wrecks that provide ideal reefs for aquatic life. To meet your dolphin friends, come early in the morning to the beach and admire the show offered by the 'blowing' dolphins or the 'long-beaked' dolphins, which can be distinguished by their size! Not far from the village, on the main western highway, the Casela Wildlife Park opens its doors to you. You will have the opportunity to meet wild animals such as lions, zebras or ostriches, and then to engage in other activities such as quad biking or even zip-lining. Cross ravines several meters deep, suspended along a cable, and enjoy the thrill of the ride. For those who prefer to indulge in other land-based activities, enjoy the famous 18-hole golf course at Golf de Tamarina, or escape through the Black River Gorges, climb Morne Brabant, or venture into the wilderness to see the famous 7 Waterfalls of Tamarin! As you can see, there is no lack of activities on the west coast of Mauritius and they are easily accessible at Flic-en-Flac or in a few minutes by car from the village.

The amazing beach of Flic en Flac

This beach is popular with tourists and Mauritians. The latter disembark in large numbers during weekends and public holidays to enjoy the beach, which is more than one kilometer long. In the shade of the coconut trees, after having taken a dip in the intense blue sea, the picnickers break the crust and crunch their meal to the full! The restaurants in the village along the beach offer small dishes typical of the island. To consume without moderation! There is also the shopping center of Cascavelle and at the entrance of Flic-En-Flac. There, they do their shopping to spend a good day at the beach. Ladies can window shop in the small mall, while their husbands sip a refreshing beer in one of Pasadena's bars. You can also enjoy the public beach, which is relatively deserted during the week. Nevertheless, the beach is very popular on weekends, especially with Mauritian families who love to hang out there. It is the ideal opportunity to be in direct contact with the local population and to discover the lively life of Flic en Flac. At nightfall, let yourself be tempted by the many nice bars and restaurants along the coast such as Le Mafioso or Twins Garden, and why not have fun until the wee hours of the morning in the nightclubs of Flic en Flac? Staying in Flic en Flac is the guarantee of a truly unforgettable vacation in Mauritius and has all the merit to be at the top of the list of public beaches in Mauritius

Diving in the lagoon of Flic en Flac

Why not take advantage of the quietness during the week to discover its lagoon which shelters unique sea beds? Are you tempted by an aquatic trip? This beach is the ideal place for scuba diving enthusiasts. Swim to the coral reef to admire the multitude of tropical fish. If you go out of the lagoon, by boat of course you will have the chance to see dolphins. Flic en Flac is a charming place to stay! Its inhabitants are known for their sense of welcome and their hospitality. They are the first to benefit from the development that Flic en Flac has known, even if some regret the tranquility that reigned there before

The nightlife in Flic en Flac

The Mauritian nightlife is a festive world. When evening comes, the village turns into Ibiza! Flic en Flac's bars and nightclubs are open until the wee hours of the morning and play the latest local and international hits! For wild nights, cross the threshold of the Shout Club, temple of the clubbers! The discotheque has welcomed several international big names of the night world. The same goes for Shotz, another nightclub very popular with the local youth.

The surroundings of Flic en Flac

As soon as you enter Flic en Flac, the village reveals its charms with the Cascavelle shopping center. Shops of all kinds have been set up, with a pharmacy, luxury clothing stores, a supermarket, handicraft shops, a corner dedicated to children and a food court. Cascavelle is a place where you can spend a pleasant moment with your family or friends. The beach is 8 km long, with some parts being a public beach and others in front of hotels. If you walk from one side to the other, you will see that the beach attracts a variety of visitors! To the north, the beach begins after a rocky and more rugged section. The view of Tamarin, the nearby village of Flic et Flac, set in front of a mountain, from the south side of the beach is spectacular. Two things remain the same throughout the beach, namely the white sand and shallow waters. This is an excellent location for a holiday. You will find excellent beaches and a peaceful setting for complete relaxation. It offers a pleasant and charming setting with beautiful white sand beaches and blue lagoons. Like most of Mauritius, the beach of Flic en Flac is also surrounded by lagoons. The water is always calm, warm and suitable for swimming.

The hotels of Flic en Flac

Below a list of nice hotels of Flic en Flac in Mauritius:

  • Hilton Mauritius
  • Sugar Beach Resort
  • Sofitel Imperial
  • The Sands Resort and Spa
  • Maradiva Villa Resort and Spa
  • La Pirogue, A sun rosort
  • Anelia Resort & Spa
  • Aanari Hotel & Spa
  • Golden Beach Resort
  • Pearl Beach
  • Manisa hotel

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Sun fading behind horizon at flic en flac


A Flic en Flac Sunset poem


Half sun above sea during Sunset at Flic en Flac beach


Aerial view of Flic en flac beach before dawn


Sun rays through sugarcane fields


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Silhouette of people at Flic en Flac after dusk


Baobab tree on roundabout in Morc. Anna Flic en Flac


Sunset behind lonely boat at Flic en Flac beach


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Wolmar public beach under blue sky


Flic en Flac jetty during blue hour


Waves reaching the shores during sunset at Flic en Flac


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Jetty with orange clouds during Sunset at Flic en Flac beach


Anna Public beach in Mauritius near Flic en Flac


Sand texture created by waves during low tide


Low tide at Flic en Flac beach with La Tourelle Mountain


Long exposure of Flic en Flac seascape at night


Mauritian Picnic at Flic en Flac Beach


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Sunset reflection in the ocean at Flic en Flac


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Golden hour after sunset of Flic en Flac


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Sea Urchins under water at Flic en Flac