Mauritius photo of Green gecko of Madagascar & its impact on biodiversity in Mauritius

Green gecko of Madagascar & its impact on biodiversity in Mauritius

Photography by Photographer Saleem A Sam
215 views  /  Date taken : Fri, Jun 30 2023
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Enter the fascinating world of the green gecko, a remarkable reptile native to the lush landscapes of Madagascar. Known for its vibrant green coloration and distinctive appearance, this gecko species has captured the imagination of nature enthusiasts worldwide. However, its unintended presence in Mauritius has raised concerns about its impact on the island's delicate biodiversity.

The green gecko, scientifically known as Phelsuma madagascariensis, is an arboreal lizard with a voracious appetite for insects and nectar. It is highly adapted to the unique ecosystems of Madagascar, where it plays an important role as a pollinator and predator, contributing to the delicate balance of its native habitats.

Unfortunately, the green gecko has found its way to the island of Mauritius, likely through unintentional introductions. This accidental invasion poses a significant threat to the island's native flora and fauna, which have evolved in isolation for centuries.

The presence of the green gecko in Mauritius disrupts the fragile equilibrium of the local ecosystems. It competes with native gecko species for limited resources such as food and suitable habitats. This competition can lead to the decline and even extinction of indigenous gecko populations, as they struggle to coexist with this invasive species.

Moreover, the green gecko's diet preferences can impact the local flora. By consuming nectar from endemic plant species, it disrupts the pollination process and compromises the reproductive success of these plants. This disturbance in plant-animal interactions can have far-reaching consequences for Mauritius' unique plant diversity, threatening endemic species that are already facing numerous challenges.

Efforts are underway to address this issue and mitigate the negative effects of the green gecko invasion. Conservation organizations, researchers and local authorities are collaborating to develop strategies that focus on gecko management, including monitoring populations, implementing control measures and raising awareness among the public about the importance of preserving native biodiversity.

By understanding the ecological implications of the green gecko's presence in Mauritius, we can work towards finding sustainable solutions to safeguard the island's rich natural heritage. Conservation initiatives, combined with effective measures to prevent further introductions of non-native species, are crucial for maintaining the delicate balance of ecosystems and protecting the biodiversity that makes Mauritius a truly extraordinary place.

Let us join hands in embracing responsible stewardship of our natural environment, promoting conservation efforts and ensuring a harmonious coexistence between native species and the delicate ecosystems they call home.

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