Mauritius photo of Rochester Falls : A natural curiosity

Rochester Falls : A natural curiosity

Photography by Photographer Kurt François
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Surrounded by verdant scenery and natural splendor, Rochester Falls is surely the only place not to be missed when visiting the south! The strong force of nature is in perpetual action here as water falls from a height of 8 meters falls onto the stony banks of the Savanne River. The impressive cliffs that surround the waterfall have been shaped into rectangular slabs over millions of years by the powerful force of the water. Today, one of Rochester Falls' most distinctive features and top tourist attractions is this unusual rock formation.

Rochester Falls is the perfect place for some leisure in the middle of nature because it has it all: impressive scenery, crystal-clear swimming holes, rich vegetation and not to mention the cascading waterfalls. You can also pack a small picnic box for the ideal lunch break or quickly cool off in the river. Locals who dare to jump from the highest cliffs down to the waterfall might also be present. Please refrain from attempting to mimic them as this can be fatal.

A number of Bollywood filmmakers were drawn to Rochester Falls by its captivating backdrop, and the falls have since appeared in numerous Bollywood movies.

Waterfall jumping at Rochester falls

There are other amazing waterfalls in Mauritius, but Rochester Falls is the ideal one for jumping out of if you're seeking for the best ones to do so. This magnificent waterfall, which is equally popular with locals and visitors, stands out because to its columns of enormous pillar-like boulders that nearly appear to have sprung out of the earth.

Location of Rochester falls

There are two entrances to Rochester Falls, one of which is at the top and will take you all the way to the bottom. Driving or walking to the waterfall can be challenging due to the path's rocky terrain, but it is definitely worth it! The alternate route is considerably longer and involves a bumpy ride along the track covered with stones. A cemetery and some more farmland can be found along the route on your left. The waterfalls will eventually emerge from hiding behind the woods. Rochester fall is located in the north of Surinam Village and near Riviere Patates. You can find the map here.

Tips and safety precautions

For your safety :

  1. reach the falls in the morning so that you can find your way back easily.
  2. It is not advisable for Novices to jump from the top.
  3. The road from the top to the bottom can be slippery after some rains

What to bring ?

  1. plenty of water to hydrate yourself. It can be quite hot there specially in summer
  2. food since you will be in the middle of a forest and specially if you want to have a picnic there
  3. some spare clothes specially if you would like to swim.
  4. hiking and trekking shoes. No slippers
  5. a mosquito repellent spray
  6. Optionally some sun protection cream.
  7. Jacket in case it rains (you never know)
  8. Some additional shoes. If is very muddy there. You may not want to dirty your car

FAQs about Rochester Waterfalls

What is the ticket price for visiting Rochester falls ?

Rochester fall can be accessed freely and found in a public area in a forest. Parking and picnics are as well free. There is no controlled entrance to access the place. So, you can access anytime.

Which movie was filmed at Rochester Falls ?

Some Indian Bollywood movies like Ek villain (released in 2014 and starring Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor), Mausam (released in 2011 and starring : Shahid Kapoor and ‎Sonam Kapoor) and F.A.L.T.U (released in 2011 and starring Jackky Bhagnani and Arshad Warsi) were filmed there.

Can you swim at Rochester falls ?

Yes, you can indeed swim at Rochester Falls. The clear pool at the base of the waterfall provides a refreshing experience for visitors who enjoy swimming in the wild. It's important to note, however, that like any natural setting, safety precautions should be taken.

How tall and wide is Rochester falls ?

Rochester falls is not very high, it is only about 9m in height. The height was measured above pool level to the highest point of the cliff. For the width it’s about 23m which is quite wide for a typical Mauritian waterfall. Some source says it is the widest waterfall in Mauritius. This information is to be verified.

Are there any restaurant around Rochester falls ?

Here’s a list of Restaurant and fast food around:

Which tour operators provide visits of Rochester falls ?

There are quite a lot of tour operators and taxis available for sightseeing tours. However, the easiest way would be to rent a car and use Google location maps to be on your own.

Is Rochester falls full of tourists ?

Not really! The visit of Rochester falls is usually part of a tour in the south. So, travelers won’t spend much time there.

Why is Rochester falls so popular?

Its’s unique square shaped cliff’s rocks and its ease of access are mostly what make Rochester falls so famous.

When to visit Rochester falls?

You can generally visit Rochester falls throughout the year. However, February being a rainy month, It is not advised to visit Rochester Falls during periods of intense precipitation as the water level can rise to dangerously high levels and the terrain becomes highly muddy and treacherous. But we do advise bringing your camera so you don't miss out on this breathtaking picturesque area!

Should Rochester falls be part of your landscape photo tour?

Absolutely, since it is not generally crowded, you are almost sure to shoot the landscape of the water pool along with the waterfalls without people photobombing your shots. Moreover, you can get close to the waterfalls. Don’t forget to bring a tripod in case you would like to get a long-exposure shot of the falls to create a silky waterfall effect.

Where does Rochester falls gets its name from ?

In 1847 Charlotte Eyre published a novel namely 'Jane Eyre'. The estate where the waterfall is actually situated gets its name from there. The falls inherited of the name Rochester falls.

What cause the rectangular blocks of rocks at Rochester falls ?

Continuous and heavy water falling for hundreds of years have created this strange and unique blocks of rectangular rocks. The current of water flow changes throughout the year meaning that the fall of water over the rocks is spread more evenly. As such the rocks get a flat surface.

Is a guide needed to visit Rochester falls?

Actually no. Taking a few basic precautions, you can easily take the narrow path to go down the falls. There you can just sit and relax. Once you are on the road you can even hear the sound of the waterfall.

Are there other waterfalls around Rochester falls ?

The 2 waterfalls which are within a perimeter of 3Km are Cascade Leon and Cascade Mamzelle. However, they are not easily accessible. Some hiking is required to reach there. These 2 waterfalls are maybe the least visited because they are harder to access. However, they both certain worth it.

Is there any parking available ?

There are 2 ways you can park your car:

  • The North parking
    There is some space at the end of the Rochester waterfall road which is located here. It’s only 70m from the falls. Using this route, you will reach the top of the falls (you can easily access the waterfall pool from there). However, when it has been raining this road can be really muddy and not appropriate for small cars. You might then park the car a bit before the end of that road in the sugarcane fields. You can then have a 5 minutes’ walk to there.
  • The South Parking
    This parking can be accessed here. This road is about 1 Km long and will require 6 minutes of drive in the sugarcane fields. It will bring you to the bottom part of the fall. When you are there, you will find more parking space than the north parking. However, you will have to walk some 400-500m to reach the falls.

Reviews of adventurers

Anielle S.

Rochester Falls - They can be reached via a narrow, rugged track through sugarcane fields. Located a few kilometers north of Souillac, on the south coast, they form a beautiful waterfall on the Savanne River. Many give up on visiting this place because it's not really easy to find, but for the more adventurous, it's an exceptional spot well worth the detour. The Rochester Falls are small but impressive, with lush foliage as the main backdrop. The falls end in a deep, clear natural pool, ideal for a refreshing dip.

Paul R.: "From Souillac, follow a path through the sugarcane fields, then a final footpath to the waterfall...magnificent!!!!"

Ryan S.: "Swimming no problem. There's also the cascade de Grande Rivière Sud-Est, easily accessed from the top, where the swimming is top-notch. I prefer this one and the site is magnificent, with monkeys and vegetation..."

Léonore R.:- "It's easy: you go as far as Souillac and then it's signposted!"

Albert G.: "Careful, it sucks there"

Andrew F.: "You put Rochester fall on Google maps and it takes you there without any problem, but you arrive by the top of the waterfall, then you go down on foot without any problem."

Leena V.: "Be careful, especially after heavy showers"

Raj S.: "Be careful on this site, the only one we found unsafe on the whole island... What's more, the place hadn't been cleaned up at all after the cyclone ... Frankly, it was borderline ..."

Reena T.: "Check with Navin Arnat, cab guide, he'll take you there, and make sure you wear good sneakers!"

Estelle R.: "Be careful, there have been several accidents. You can swim, but I don’t advise jumping."

Fred T.: "If you're going for the first time, please take a guide and bear in mind that there has just been a fatality."

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