The atypical village of Bel Ombre

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History of Bel Ombre

In the second half of the 18th century, Simon Rémirac and Claude de La Roche du Ronzet started growing sugar on a 2,200-acre concession. A first factory was built in 1802. The botanist Charles Telfair, who took over the property in 1816, boosted the development by introducing modern means of cultivation and processing of sugarcane. After changing hands several times (Bel-Ombre Sugar Estate: 1833; Compagnie Sucrière de Bel-Ombre: 1810), the sugar estate was finally purchased in 1997 by the Espitalier-Noël group. The estate has grown over time and now covers 9,320 acres, from Rivière-des-Galets in the east of the village to Case Noyale in the southwest. Towards the interior, it extends to the heights of Chamarel. Sugar cane remains the main activity, supplemented by a little coffee, palm oil, eggs, charcoal and deer breeding. The society, the mentalities, the spatial organization, the landscapes, have been shaped by two and a half centuries of sugar activity. All the components of the colonial plantation are gathered there: vast geometrical plots extending from the sea to the first slopes of the mountains of the South-West; the factory occupies the center of the property, the master's residence (the castle of Bel-Ombre), well situated on a hill, has a view embracing the whole domain; the village of Bel-Ombre, in its setting of sugarcane fields, near the factory, houses the labor and agricultural workforce. 

Tourism in Bel Ombre

This true haven of peace attracts tourists from all over the world who see in this stay a unique opportunity to enjoy a vacation in an idyllic setting. The atypical village of Bel Ombre, a village both isolated and open to tourists. Somewhat spared from the hustle and bustle of tourism in the north of the island, the village of Bel Ombre offers an environment that is both relaxing and exotic. Tourists, still few in number, can enjoy a natural setting and visit the remains of its colonial past. The infrastructures developed, including but not limited to exclusive 5 stars hotels, in recent years guarantee to all visitors a successful but above all unforgettable stay. The village now attracts many tourists from around the world and its immense beaches of golden sand make it a unique place of its kind. Bel Ombre, a former sugar village in full development.

Bel Ombre a sugarcane village ?

Bel Ombre, once a sugar village, still retains traces of its past. Authentic and proud of its past activity, Bel Ombre has been able to develop its economy and its attractiveness to the eyes of the curious from around the world. While preserving its singularity, the village has undergone many changes to become a particularly popular place in Mauritius. Its sugar canes have been replaced by impressive golf courses. Lovers of greenery and calmness will find all their happiness here! 

Activities in Bel Ombre

Many activities are offered to you but what are the great strengths of Bel Ombre? Without a doubt, its calm and serenity in which the village immerses you. But that's not all. If you are eager for thrills and sports, many activities will benefit from all your interest. Thus, many kitesurfing clubs are ready to open their doors to you in Bel Ombre. The Blue Bay Marine Park, located southwest of the village, is a real aquarium at your fingertips. Just like the nature reserve of Frederica Rivers and its waterfalls! Mauritius, and its former sugar village of Bel Ombre, is full of natural riches and there is no shortage of opportunities to enjoy the Mauritian sun. All you have to do is discover them once you get there.

The beach of Bel Ombre

The beach of Bel Ombre located in the southwest of Mauritius tenderly reveals its golden sand beach, an exceptional invitation for lovers of the sea. At the foot of a turquoise blue lagoon to infinity, the beach of Bel Ombre in Mauritius reveals its beauty, an intoxicating sweet smell of paradise surrounded by filaos. A gentle south wind that sends a delicious smell of the open sea, a pleasure for the senses as a reminder to live intensely in the moment. You will find long stretches of golden sandy beaches in the shade of coconut trees that stretch out at the foot of luxury hotels. In this idyllic setting lined with filaos and preserved nature, the beach of Bel Ombre in Mauritius is a haven of peace and tranquility. The beach of Bel Ombre is surrounded by lush vegetation, filaos as far as the eye can see, you will also find speed boat excursions and water activities of all kinds.

bel ombre Photos

Pirogue pulled out of sea of Bel Ombre before cyclone


White leafless tree in endemic tropical forest Mauritius


Aerial Photography of Bel Ombre turquoise lagoon


Aerial Photography of Bel Ombre white sand beach


Old wood trunk & reflection of old building at Batelage in Bel Ombre


Golden trumpet & Coconut trees on the roadside at Bel Ombre


Golden hour at Bel Ombre beach


Forest near Bel Ombre beach


Dried leaves lying all over the beach


Branches supporting old pirogue upright


360 Fish eye view of Coconut trees at Bel Ombre