Mauritius photo of Eau Bleue secret waterfall in Mauritius

Eau Bleue secret waterfall in Mauritius

Photography by Photographer Daniel Cheong
1290 views  /  Date taken : Fri, Dec 03 2021
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Put on your hiking boots and head out to see the dazzling Eau bleue waterfalls. Following the course of the streams through the woods and rocks, around a few meters from the village of Cluny, you will come at this famous waterfall, whose drops of water bounce off the greenery-covered rocks, rejuvenating them. Enjoy the strange affects of the light on your eyes, which gives the water a blue hue. The azure colors, along with the quiet and calming sounds of the waterfall, create a near-heaven-like environment in this secret tiny corner of nature, which you may enhance with a refreshing bath in the water.

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