Mauritius photo of Cascade Eau Bleue landscape & long exposure photography

Cascade Eau Bleue landscape & long exposure photography

Photography by Photographer Daniel Cheong
928 views  /  Date taken : Fri, Dec 03 2021
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These waterfalls live up to their name, and you won't be disappointed. The six waterfalls of Eau Bleue, which are located in the small settlement of Cluny in the island's south, are arguably the most popular. The waterfalls are easily accessible and the water is clear and blue. The six waterfalls are all within walking distance of one another, and each one can also be reached by automobile. In the cane fields, there are even some parking areas. The parking lot directly in front of the Central Water Authority (CWA) water treatment plant are perhaps the safest. Following the Google Maps route to Eau Bleue will get you there quickly. The depth of the waterfalls varies, but most need swimming skills. However, the Eau Bleue Water Falls are the result of overflow from the reservoir and dam of the same name and are therefore not always filled. They are usually filled from December to February.

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