Mauritius photo of Viewpoint from Candos Hill on Corps de Garde

Viewpoint from Candos Hill on Corps de Garde

Photography by Photographer Manisha Mohabul
115 views  /  Date taken : Wed, Dec 08 2021
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It is one of the largest cities in Mauritius. Quatre Bornes, located in the center of the island in the Wilhems High Plains region, is mainly known for its shops and markets. Travelers enjoy strolling through its commercial center, tasting traditional dishes in its typical restaurants or strolling through the numerous markets of the city... An absolute immersion! In the heart of Quatre Bornes, the Orchard Centre shopping center is one of the largest on the island. There is a large supermarket, many restaurants and dozens of stores. The Orchard Centre shopping center is the place to do good business in Mauritius. Its many stores offer branded clothing and accessories at unbeatable prices. The town of Quatre Bornes in Mauritius is also famous for its clothing fair, the most famous in the country. Every Thursday and Sunday, the fair offers to buy fabrics and textiles at low prices. Hundreds of stalls are set up in the streets and offer eclectic products, ranging from clothes to jewelry and handicrafts. The Quatre Bornes clothing fair is a real institution, an immersive dive into Mauritian culture. There is only one golden rule: everything is negotiated beforehand in this huge Ali Baba's cave. A culinary change of scenery - The streets, the shopping center, the squares and the markets are the ideal places to taste the Mauritian gastronomy. Quatre Bornes is full of restaurants and small shops. You can taste the famous vindaye, the daubes, the carry (or curry) and the rougail in a warm atmosphere. Nature Trails Mauritius. Quatre Bornes is also the ideal starting point to discover the Mauritian paradise by taking hiking trails off the beaten track. You will discover a facet of Mauritius that was previously unknown: vast wilderness, grandiose panoramas, nature in its raw state.
Tamarin. The city is located only a few kilometers from Tamarin Bay, a must when staying in Quatre Bornes. It is a heavenly place where surfers come to enjoy the waves of the Indian Ocean and the fishermen of the village in an exotic atmosphere. The excursion to Tamarin from Quatre Bornes is done in a few minutes and the contrast of landscapes is striking. You go from a modern city to a small authentic fishing village, a real change of scenery for travelers in search of authenticity! The town of Quatre Bornes opens the doors of an authentic Mauritius through its typical markets, its shopping center and its restaurants. If Quatre Bornes is an attraction on its own, let's not forget that it is also a strategic starting point to go on the Nature Trails Mauritius or to discover the famous Tamarin salt flats.

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