Mauritius photo of Red Flamboyant tree in bloom in Albion in Mauritius

Red Flamboyant tree in bloom in Albion in Mauritius

Photography by Photographer Kurt François
1666 views  /  Date taken : Thu, Dec 30 2021
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The flamboyant, native to Madagascar, is very common in the West Indies. It is a decorative tree, which can easily reach 10 meters in height, if the conditions are favorable. The trunk is smooth and grayish in color. The crown forms a spectacular parasol. The large light green leaves are bipinnate, giving movement to this imposing mass. In its island of origin, the foliage disappears during the dry season to reappear with the return of the rainy season. But the flamboyant is quite remarkable when its big red, or sometimes yellow, flowers appear in summer. Gathered in terminal clusters, they are composed of 5 sepals forming a star with lanceolate and flat branches, and 5 strongly spatulate petals. 10 red stamens stand in their center. If you sow a flamboyant, you will have to wait a decade before you can enjoy these marvels! The tree then produces long flat green pods (30 to 60 cm long), turning yellow then brown. If you are lucky enough to be in Mauritius at the right time of year, try to collect a few pods and try to grow them! How to cultivate the flamboyant ? The flamboyant only freezes when temperatures are negative but it is preferable to preserve it with a minimum of 10°C; to cultivate thus primarily in the south (NDLR: it would seem that its culture can succeed in Italy and Corsica, make us share of your experiments and photographs). Install it in the sun in a rather rich and drained ground. If it prefers to have its feet in the cool, the flamboyant can however support periods of drought, once it is well established. You can consider growing it in a container in colder regions, but it will be difficult to get it to bloom. If you do try it, bring it inside the porch during the winter months and limit watering so that the potting soil doesn't dry out completely. How to sow flamboyant seeds? First, scarify the seeds and let them soak in water for two days. Sow them in a pot, about 3 cm deep in a fresh and humid soil. Place them in the sun, sheltered from the wind. Be patient, germination can take time. Did you know that? The flamboyant has a strongly developed root system; it can interfere with nearby plants, or lift paving stones. Species and varieties of Delonix. The genus includes about 10 species. The Flamboyant is the second most photographed tree after the coconut tree in Mauritius. 

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