Peaceful village of Albion

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Mauritius occupies a small area in the Indian Ocean and offers a myriad of colors and scents among the eucalyptus, bougainvillea, spices, etc. ..... The population is very welcoming, smiling and always ready to render small services. Tourists who visit the island for the first time find themselves in an absolutely fairy-tale landscape with its lagoons and waters of a tender blue, transparent, the whiteness of the sand with a backdrop of greenery, the softness of the light wind, its mountains, in short a small paradise.

Albion is a pleasant village on the coast of Mauritius which has been growing for the last fifteen years, but which has managed to keep its authenticity for the moment. It is located about 20 km from the capital Port Louis. On the edge of a beautiful sandy beach in a sheltered cove, Albion is a haven of peace. The weather is always nice (except during the rainy and hurricane seasons) and the proximity of the sea is very appreciable to refresh oneself even if the water is hot. The villas, some of which are of high standing, are mostly inhabited by middle-class Mauritian residents. Entertainment is rare and restaurants are scattered around the resort, so it is preferable to have a vehicle to get around. Club Med has opened a resort hotel in Albion, which means that there are more tourists in this small village. Albion is ideal to relax but if you want to know a little more about its history, the capital of Port Louis will be the ideal place with its museums, its cobbled streets, its colonial architecture. Take the opportunity to visit the central market where you will find a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, spices, medicinal plants, fabrics and other handicrafts.

Albion is distinguished not just by its lighthouse, but also by other features that contribute to its uniqueness. The area is surrounded by untamed cliffs that serve as sobbing shoulders to the nearby turbulent seas' pounding waves, and the view from the cliffs is captivating, but you might get splashed by the waves. You'll be taken to secret tunnels inhabited by birds and bats as you descend the rocks.

Sightseeing in Albion

There is not much to visit in Albion so a detour to the lighthouse is a must, especially since tours are open to the public. Between the cliffs and the ocean, the rocky coast offers a stunning contrast of brown, tan, and turquoise colors. A beautiful view of the entire west coast. And families or friends will enjoy sharing a good time at the Casela amusement park. Outdoor enthusiasts will not be able to resist the call of a walk along the amazing cliffs offering a panoramic view of the entire site.

Going out in Albion

No discos or casinos, but on Sunday afternoons you can enjoy a spectacular sunset on the beach. Port Louis on the other hand offers all kinds of entertainment such as cinema and casino. Albion Beach is 10 kilometers north of Flic en Flac and runs along a small, tranquil white sand bay bordered by trees and a blue lagoon.

Location & Transportation in Albion

Albion is served by a bus line from Port Louis and Rose Hill, but the transport stops at 7 pm. The main roads are generally in good condition, which is not the case on the smaller roads. On the other hand, driving is done on the left. Albion is located midway between Port Louis and Flic en Flac on Mauritius' west coast, in the Black River district. Albion is around 15 kilometers south of Mauritius' capital, Port Louis; the drive takes about 25 minutes, while the drive to the airport takes nearly an hour.

albion Photos

Turquoise water reaching the trees at Albion


Splashing wave reflection at rocky shore of Albion


Black and white photography of le Phare d'Albion


Rocky shores of Albion with dramatic sky


Old tree branches on Albion beach


Sugarcane field in bloom leading to sunset


Old angler's boat on the beach of Albion


Golden field path to sunset in Albion


Albion creek during a shy sunset


Reflection of shy sunset at Albion beach


View of below and above water at Albion beach


Barkless trunk on the beach of Albion after cyclone


Tree leaning on the sea at Albion rocky beach


Albion seascape long exposure with rocks


Long exposure of waves crashing on Albion shore


Cinematic & dramatic sky over Albion lighthouse


Red Flamboyant tree in bloom in Albion in Mauritius


White and red stripped lighthouse at Albion cliff


Aerial view of Albion Pointe aux Caves lighthouse & cliffs


Seascape of Albion beach under dark clouds at sunset


Cinematic view of scenic Albion rocky beach


Mauritian women walking on the beach of Albion


Pirogue & reflection at low tide during sunset in Albion


Supply vessel leaving Port Louis during sunset


Fresnel lens of Albion Lighthouse


Sun hiding behind horizon during sunset in Albion


Lonely boat at low tide during sunset in Albion


Bird eye view of blue ocean & cliffs in Albion


Sunbeams though clouds at Albion


Long exposure of man walking on beach


Obscured sunset on the beach of Albion


Closeup of Albion Lighthouse near the cliffs


Sea Urchins & Corals under water


Natural stone pebbles on beach


Sea urchin in sea of Albion


Rock window view over sunset


Small waves reaching the shore


Albion Lighthouse reflection


Sunset in Albion


Albion Lighthouse from Caves


Waves crashing during sunset at Albion


Sea Urchins on sea rocks in green ocean


Sunset behind fishing boats in Albion bay


Soothing sunset in calm lagoon of in Albion


Boat partially hiding shy yellow sunset in the sea


Creek Waterway flowing to the sea with hiding sunset