Mauritius photo of View from the top of Le Morne Mountain of Ilot Fourneau

View from the top of Le Morne Mountain of Ilot Fourneau

Photography by Photographer Kurt François
998 views  /  Date taken : Fri, Dec 31 2021
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The islet of Ilot Fourneau in situation in front of Morne Brabant. The islet is located at the South of Morne Brabant, on the SW coast of Mauritius. In the lagoon, in front of Morne village, this islet has a sandy beach that can be reached by boat. It is feasible to walk from the shore to the barren islet of Ilot Fourneau during low tide. Walking across the lagoon with views of Le Morne Brabant is unreal and a very unforgettable experience. A loop around the island can be completed by strolling in the sea and along the rocky shore. The walk isn't particularly arduous, but I can see how it may be unsettling for some individuals. From near the pier, there is a sandy, lighter-colored trail that is highly recommended for two reasons: you avoid killing coral, urchins, and they avoid hurting your feet. It is a good idea to wear shoes. Keep in mind that there isn't much in the way of shade. On the beach, there is a small sand area where you may relax and sip a beer. Contemplating the view from Le Morne Brabant Mountain of the lagoon of Le Morne and Ilot Fourneau is just fabulous !

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Camera: Sony A7s Lens: Sony FE 28mm F2 Aperture: F2 Exposure: 1/6400s ISO: 100 Focal Length: 28mm

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