Le Morne a village in the Peninsula

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The Village of Le Morne

The village of Le Morne is located in the south of Mauritius, near the Morne Brabant Mountain, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Morne Mountain's soul is proudly preserved by the people of Le Morne, who have passed down their heritage for several centuries. Le Morne has retained all of the authenticity of a small Mauritian town, from seashore fishing to land culture. Land of legends, reminiscences, and ancestors. Many Mauritanians flock to the island to recharge their batteries, listen to music, and rediscover the sweet Mauritian way of life that is fading from the island's landscape. Despite the presence of a dozen luxury hotels on the Le Morne Peninsula and the South Coast, it appears that the tourism industry has not recovered to the benefit of the surrounding villages. The Mauritian population is housed in wooden and tin huts, as well as some cinderblock houses, in the village of Le Morne and many small neighboring villages.

Le Morne Brabant Mountain

A little piece of heaven, Le Morne Brabant, at more than 550 meters above sea level, is an outstanding mountain in Mauritius southwest. Surprising by its extreme aridity during the dry season, we take advantage of its height to make hikes on the mountainside and discover breathtaking panoramas. But more than a simple trekking destination, Morne Brabant is also famous for its beautiful beach and its luxurious and authentic hotels. It is one of the most spectacular peaks on the island, yet few travelers decide to hike Morne Brabant. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the mountain offers extremely steep and difficult to access slopes. However, its ascent is still possible and allows access to an exceptional view of the surrounding landscapes: filaos, banyan trees and badamiers surrounded by a bright white sand...

Activities in Le Morne

Several types of excursions exist to climb Morne Brabant. The hiking: On the Morne Brabant, there are two separate stages to the hiking. The first one consists in following a steep path on half of the mountain. The second is to reach the top with ropes installed on the rock faces. This option takes between three and four hours and is accessible to travelers in good physical condition. The hike on Morne Brabant is accessible to everyone, even for those who have opted for a family trip. The ascent to the summit takes about 3 hours. The trail running : for the most athletic, the trail running allows to start from the seaside and to walk about 15 kilometers until reaching 260 meters of altitude.

The beach of Morne

If the beach of Morne Brabant is not the largest of the island, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius. It is distinguished above all by its environment: dominated by the imposing mountain, it offers a vast expanse of white sand and a heavenly setting at sunset. Le Morne Brabant beach is separated into two sections: The northern part is a favorite hangout spot for swimmers and sunbathers who want to relax while enjoying the sun and the crystal blue water. The southern part: dedicated to water sports, it welcomes many travelers who come here to kitesurf or windsurf.

The hotels of Le Morne

The beach is divided into two parts, separated by a few hotels with authentic charm. This is the case of the LUX* Le Morne hotel, a luxurious and typically Mauritian establishment located at the edge of the azure lagoon of the beach. For an even more authentic stay in Mauritius, Morne Brabant is also home to the Paradis Beachcomber hotel, located between the lagoon and the mountain on the Morne peninsula. The establishment offers luxurious villas, rooms with sea view and suites designed to welcome families in a friendly atmosphere.

le morne Photos

Freedom monument at Le Morne mountain


Perfect double rainbow in Le Morne


Reflection of sky & sunset at Case Noyale


Seascape with a blooming Flamboyant tree


Early morning scene of Le Morne Brabant & pirogue passing


First sun lights during sunrise on Le Morne mountain


Starry sky over Le Morne Brabant in Mauritius


Le Morne Brabant view from the air


Le Morne Brabant hidden behind the clouds at la Prairie


Aerial view of Tamarin from the plane during arrival


Le Morne mountain surrounded by clouds


View of marina & Le Morne from Marguery villa, Riviere Noire


View from the top of Le Morne Mountain of Ilot Fourneau


Colorful building in village of Le Morne


La Gaulette Sunset with Le Morne Brabant in the background


Man made rocky jetty near Le Morne


Man staring at sunset on La Prairie beach framed by leaves


Le Morne written on the beach of La Prairie


Famous uprooted & leafless tree of La Prairie beach


Mist during bad weather on La Prairie beach


Low tide & seacoast at La Prairie


Le Morne brabant view from La Prairie beach


Le Morne mountain framed by leaves & branches


Algae in shallow lagoon of Le Morne & its mountains


Water trail & foam behind boat in Le Morne sea


Red flowers & footprints on the beach towards near le Morne


Le Morne Brabant Mountain framed by large leaves


The Iconic Le Morne Brabant mountain framed at sunset


Lagoon & beach of Le Morne with Brabant Mountain


Luxury Resort garden with Le Morne brabant during starry night


Le Morne beach turquoise water with Brabant mountain


Amazing & beautiful Le Paradis hotel turquoise pool in Mauritius


Photo of turquoise pool in portrait mode with Le Morne mountain


Le Morne beach & Brabant mountain UNESCO world heritage


Girl from lagoon looking at Le Paradis hotel


Amazing panorama view of sunset at Le Morne


Le Morne Brabant mountain in Mauritius landscape view