Mauritius photo of Wooden boat reflecting during sunrise in the bay of Mahebourg

Wooden boat reflecting during sunrise in the bay of Mahebourg

Photography by Photographer Shakil kurreemun
465 views  /  Date taken : Wed, Jan 12 2022
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Sitting at the Mahebourg waterfront looking at the mesmerizing reflection of the sunrise, clouds and boats in this early morning. The small coastal village of Mahébourg, located in the southeast of Mauritius on the edge of a large and beautiful lagoon, is unlike any other Mauritian village. Former colonial capital, it combines Creole and European architecture, forming an atypical and finally rather coherent whole. One comes here not only to admire the beauty of the monuments, but also to enjoy the peaceful and serene atmosphere that prevails here. Even if Mahébourg represents one of the must-see excursions in the south of Mauritius, the village remains largely outside the tourist itineraries. You will not find big resorts with All Inclusive packages, but instead small charming addresses held by local families. It is probably one of the best places on the island to live an authentic vacation and dive into the history of Mauritius.

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