Mauritius photo of Ile au phare (Ile aux Fouquets) island aerial view

Ile au phare (Ile aux Fouquets) island aerial view

Photography by Photographer Steeven Fierjaun
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The lighthouse island in Mauritius is also called the island of Fouquets. The old lighthouse overlooking the island dates back several centuries. Located in the south-east of Mauritius, the Ile aux Fouquets is visible from the coast of Mahebourg. The site of Ile au Phare is classified as a historical monument and is currently undergoing a rehabilitation program. The lighthouse has been a privileged witness of the history and colonization of Mauritius. It was the scene of the famous naval battle of Vieux Grand Port, which is the only French Napoleonic naval victory. Lighthouse Island is more than five hectares in size, take the time to walk around it and observe on one side the peaceful waters of the lagoon and on the other the tumult of the waves of the Indian Ocean. It's a really striking spectacle. From Mahébourg, you can see in the distance the Ile au Phare. From Blue-Bay, many boats offer excursions to the small islands of the lagoon, and in particular in the direction of the Lighthouse Island, it is also possible to go there by kayak. Ile au Phare, is a rocky island that lies between the calm water on the lagoon side and the high sea on the other side, as you will notice when you go across the island. In 1865, the lighthouse was completed. It stands at a height of 26 meters and has been abandoned for many years. It is located on the Pointe du Diable on the reef in the bay of Grand' Port, which was previously Mauritius' largest port. Great fights have taken place on the Ile au Phare in the past. The island lies close to the islands of Ile de la Passe and Ile Vacoas. The island can only be reached by boats with a flat bottom because it is surrounded by coral. The Priest's cap urchin and the stone urchin are among the many sea urchins that live in its turquoise waters. The lighthouse is built in an unusual way, with a spiral stairway made of basalt stones. Unfortunately, it has been plundered multiple times, as evidenced by the missing stones. A portion of the structure is composed of coral.

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