Mauritius photo of Top view of Turquoise lake at Tamarind falls

Top view of Turquoise lake at Tamarind falls

Photography by Photographer Kurt François
783 views  /  Date taken : Sun, Jan 30 2022
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This hike is a must in Mauritius and allows you to get closer to the seven waterfalls of the Tamarin River in a few hours. Excellent guides like Motrek allow you to follow the paths without ever asking questions or you can ask the young Mauritians who know their island very well. If the trail is very easy to follow at times, some passages are less obvious. Fortunately, when in doubt, red cloths are regularly attached to the branches or paint spots mark the progress. For the volunteers of hikes without a guide, the ideal is to download the trace below and to follow it as closely as possible but without trusting it blindly because the trace is sometimes capricious in the bottoms of canyons. The complete hike can be done in less than five hours but it is still recommended to hike early. The most famous loop allows to admire only 5 waterfalls but two rather sportive round-trips end near two other magnificent falls (see map). The circuit below proposes a visit of the falls by descending the river before going up for a long time in a forest with magnificent specimens of giant trees. It is of course possible to do it the other way around as the tricky parts are usually less dangerous on the way up.

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