Mauritius photo of The blue water of Eau Bleue waterfall

The blue water of Eau Bleue waterfall

Photography by Photographer Kurt François
1359 views  /  Date taken : Sat, Jun 04 2022
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Is the the plunge pool of Eau Bleue waterfall really blue ?

At first sight it is turquoise but the water may turn blue depending on the weather and the time of the day.

Where is Eau Bleue exactly ?

This waterfall can be easily accessed from Clunny road. The exact location is here. However there are no parking around and the road is very narrow. You might need to park your car in a cleared space in the sugarcane fields. The place is surronded by a dense vegetation.

How easy is it to access the waterfall ?

You might need to climb down the steep path to reach the place. If is not really dangerous and anyone can do it. Just take your time.

Can you swim in the waterfall lake ?

Yes, the weather is quite fresh and you will surely enjoy it.

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