Mauritius photo of A German Shephard by the sea in Mahebourg

A German Shephard by the sea in Mahebourg

Photography by Photographer Nashad Rujobolly
518 views  /  Date taken : Mon, Aug 01 2022
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The German Shephard (Berger Allemand in French) posing in Mahebourg with the Lion Mountain in the background. Also known as the "wolf dog" because of its lupoid characteristics, the German Shepherd Dog was conceived at the end of the 19th century in Germany. Captain Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz is officially the father of the breed, which is a cross between Thuringian and Württemberg Shepherds. Originally created for work, the German Shepherd was used to guard flocks and herds, and then used as a military and rescue dog during World War I. The German Shepherd was then quickly adopted as a pet because of its all-round qualities. The German Shepherd is an easy to train dog breed. Affectionate and protective, it adapts itself as well to children as to old people. Very loyal, it does not hesitate to put itself in danger to protect its owners. Excellent swimmer, the German Shepherd loves water, and the life in the countryside is the one that suits him best. Sporty by nature, it can however accommodate a city life if the opportunity is given to him to spend daily. The German Shepherd is indeed a dog of action which supports badly passivity and loneliness. Its physical capacities coupled with a docile character and a lively intelligence make it a versatile dog appreciated for many functions. In Mauritius, it is also very appreciated by families as a pet.

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