Mauritius photo of Milky way with beach landscape in black and white

Milky way with beach landscape in black and white

Photography by Photographer Kurt François
456 views  /  Date taken : Fri, Sep 30 2022
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Ten pictures stitched together to create this panorama of the Milky way at La Prairie beach. It was a moonless night in September 2022 and with my friend Daniel Cheong we headed to the south to shoot the last pictures of the Milky way for the season of 2022. Our galaxy sets quite early during this period i.e. at about 22h30 but however you can see the arc just above the horizon. Cars passing by was lighting up the beach so we didn't have to "light paint" the foreground. La Prairie is known to be the place with the least possible light pollution in Mauritius. With a Bortle class 3, it's an ideal and easily accessible place for shooting the stars. The Bortle scale actually describes how polluted the sky is due to artificial lights i.e. the sky darkness. It is measured within a scale from 1 to 9 with 1 being the darkest place possible and 9 being a sky where stars can hardly be seen.

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