Belle Mare, the remote village & its wild beach

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The beach of Belle Mare

Among the beaches of the east coast of Mauritius, not far from the village of Mahebourg, the beach of Belle Mare is considered as one of the most beautiful and wildest beach of Mauritius. Sit in the shade of the large filaos trees that border it and take advantage of the lack of infrastructure to recharge your batteries far from everything. Certainly, some villas and luxury hotels have taken up residence not far from there, but Belle Mare remains a beautiful example of preserved nature. On the east coast of Mauritius, Belle Mare has a superb fine sandy beach with a sparkling lagoon whose extent and depths are ideal for water sports and underwater activities. The beach is indeed protected by a coral reef, making the lagoon suitable for swimming, bathing and diving.  Belle Mare is first and foremost a very popular vacation spot for travelers looking for a change of scenery, serenity and isolation.

Belle Mare Beach offers an immense arc-shaped expanse overlooking a magnificent lagoon. A pure beauty, a little wild, turquoise waters and a body of water swept by the East wind ideal for sailing or kite surfing. Belle Mare has managed to protect its coastline, offering beautiful hotels perfectly integrated into nature and leaving the beautiful public beaches untouched where Mauritians and vacationers can fully enjoy the natural environment and the pleasures of the seaside.

The Belle Mare Village

Belle Mare Village stretches along the East Coast of Mauritius. Far from mass tourism of the seaside resort of Grand Bay, Belle Mare preserves the authentic charm of the island with its long Mauritian beaches protected by a forest of filaos. We find the Mauritian fishermen on the rocks, armed with a gaulette, looking for fish entering the lagoon at high tide. Families gathering on weekends for a picnic, sheltered from the sun under the Casuarina (Filaos), facing the turquoise blue immensity. The children laughing and playing at the water's edge and the kite surfers coming to ride. The village of Belle Mare also testifies to its sugarcane past and the sweet flavors of Mauritius. The remains of the Belle Mare sugar factory from the 19th century still remain. We can observe along the coastline of beautiful chimneys and stone oven.

Belle Mare will also be the innovative theater of the promotion of local crafts. The Tourist Village of Belle Mare, built in a style reminiscent of the traditional stone walls of the old sugar mills, will house the works and products of Mauritian Artists, Craftsmen and Designers. This large-scale project promotes the preservation of Mauritian heritage and supports purely local production. The greatest quality of Belle-Mare beach is of course its location off the tourist trail. All around the long ribbon of fine sand, the vegetation calls for hiking and escape. The sea air combined with the beauty of the lagoon and the purity of the sand offer a soothing atmosphere to the place.

Golf at Belle Mare

A stay in Belle Mare is not only about water activities. This tourist town on the east coast of Mauritius is also famous for its famous 18-hole golf course between inlets, volcanic rocks, hills and lush forests. You don't have to be an ace golfer to have the privilege of trying out one of these courses during a trip to Mauritius!

Activities and relaxation in Belle-Mare

Stretching over a dozen kilometers of fine white sand, this beach shaded by filaos is a tourist attraction of reference to enjoy multiple moments of relaxation and idleness during your vacations in Mauritius. The place is also a privileged destination for Mauritian families who decide to go there for their traditional Sunday picnic. Many hotel facilities are available nearby for your stay in Belle Mare Mauritius. To the delight of children, we inform you that 'The Water Park & Leisure Village' will open its doors in early January 2016. It is the ideal place for those who are looking for a fun day in the sun for the whole family. The Water Park & Leisure Village offers fun and relaxation for all. Catering and souvenir stores are also available. The beach of Belle Mare is ideal for kite surfing, a beautiful spot where kites of all colors spin in the sky. A real pleasure for kiteboarders as well as for observers admiring the show and the jumps.

The preservation of Belle Mare

The beach of Belle Mare is as much appreciated by travelers as by locals who come to relax on weekends and during vacations. It is the authentic face of Mauritius that we propose you to discover here, with its small picturesque villages, its confidential addresses and its calm and peaceful rhythm of life. In short, an ideal place to rest in the shade of the filaos and to swim or snorkel in incredibly pure water. Along the beach, chic hotels welcome travelers in search of rest and rejuvenation. They are located right on the wild beach of Belle-Mare, and are perfectly integrated into their natural environment to offer you an exceptional stay far from the hustle and bustle of the posh resorts.

Things to see and do in Belle-Mare

As the reef is quite far from the beach, the waters of the lagoon are calm and the waves are not very big. It is therefore the ideal swimming destination for families, but also for those who wish to learn snorkeling in a soothing environment. Along the beach, several small restaurants open their doors to visitors curious to taste the local cuisine. On the menu: a tasty culinary mix of specialties from Europe, Africa and Asia.

Hotels in Belle-Mare

  • Constance Belle Mare Plage
  • Long Beach
  • Sunrise Attitude
  • LUX Belle Mare Resort & Villas
  • Ambre hotel
  • Veranda Palmar Beach
  • The Residence Mauritius
  • Residence Thalassa

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Lagoon view at Solana Mauritius


Abstract photography of Belle Mare sea


Green plants pathway leading to the ocean at Constance hotel


Narrow bush pathway to access paradise beach at Constance Beach


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Turquoise sea water at Constance hotel beautiful beach


Most epic Mauritian restaurant on Constance Plage beach


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Constance hotel most amazing beach of Mauritius


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Belle Mare most beautiful seascape of Mauritius island


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Constance hotel Belle Mare beautiful beach of Mauritius


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Belle Mare beach beautiful lagoon on east coast of Mauritius


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