Grand Bay (Grand Baie) beach in the north of Mauritius

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Grand Bay, a fishing village in the north of Mauritius, is a must-see destination, with hotels like the Mauricia (directly next door), the Royal Palm, and the Canonnier, as well as restaurants, bars, and shops, making it a tourism hotspot and a reputable seaside resort. It is not for nothing that it is Mauritius' most visited attraction. However, it is a favorite destination for Mauritanians and expatriates who prefer it to Port Louis, which is roughly 20 kilometers south. They can get together on the beach in the evening to watch the sunset and enjoy the beautiful Mauritian lifestyle. In Grand Bay, you may do everything from relax on a beach chair to participate in water sports. There is something for everyone during the day!

On Sunset Boulevard, there are a plethora of boutiques where you can shop for all of the big fashion labels (Ray-Ban, Vilebrequin, A&F, Oxbow, Billabong...). If you need to buy a swimsuit, Grand Bay is the place to go. Even though there is less option than in Port Louis, parking in front of the beach and lagoon is a genuine delight. It is also a tiny marina that is well-known for its superb anchorage, which is well-sheltered by the bay, and for the numerous opportunities to participate in various water sports. You have a wide choice of restaurants to choose from, from Chinese or Indian cuisine to high-end gourmet to savor grilled lobster, thanks to a diverse ethnic mix. It's also a chance to sample hot Rotis (spicy sandwiches) or Indian takeout cuisine. Everything is available at all times and at all prices.

Grand Bay comes alive at night, especially on weekends, with its numerous lounges and hip nightclubs such as Les Enfants Terribles and Bhuddha Bar. Sway to Sega and the latest worldwide tunes. Grand Bay, as you can see, is a place where everyone can find something they enjoy doing. Ideal for families and anyone looking for a fun time. It's also a popular launching point for trips to the northern islands.

Grand Bay is simply unique

Grand Bay is the destination par excellence in Mauritius. It is a high resort and a sublime seaside resort. This small fishing village has become the cornerstone of Mauritian tourism. Thousands of travelers go there every year! It forms a modest marina that is very popular, as its exceptional anchorage is well sheltered thanks to the coastline. In Grand Bay, you can admire splendid sunsets comfortably installed on one of the beautiful fine sandy beaches. Appointment is taken. Come and visit this heavenly corner of the world!

Grand Bay gives you moments of dream

Grand Bay is a recreational area because of its position. It is the starting point for many excursions and cruises to the northern islands of Mauritius. There is also a wide range of possibilities for your entertainment. There are sumptuous luxury hotels with unprecedented comfort. Its Chinese and Indian restaurants will delight your taste buds. You will also taste European and local dishes. The atmosphere is provided by the many bars and nightclubs of Grand Bay. You will dance to the international hits of the moment. Grand Bay never sleeps! In case you have a hankering for luxury, you can store in the many boutiques open all along Sunset Boulevard.

Grand Bay isn't boring

In Grand Bay, you have the choice of relaxing or indulging in the many activities available. So throw on your bathing suit and sign up for a water sport of your choice. Scuba diving enthusiasts will be delighted to find themselves in the turquoise waters of the sea. You can also rent a boat for your excursions or go fishing with specialists. And to top it all off, you can go out to sea to see large whales and intelligent dolphins. Grand Bay is just a paradise resort!

Grand Bay is home to many magical places

In Grand Bay, you have beaches that are unique in the world: Pereybere Beach and La Cuvette Beach. Coconut trees, sand, sun and ocean as far as the eye can see. These beaches have even received international awards! Proof of the religious openness of Grand Bay, you will see a Hindu temple and a large mosque. These are the Tamil Surya Oudaya Sangam Temple and the Ronaq-Ul-Islam Sunnee Mosque. Exploring the city is also a lot of fun. There are many fun places to discover and visit. You can choose between a guided tour and a free walk.

Grand Bay is an opening to Mauritius

Discovering Grand Bay is to get a glimpse of the magnificent Republic of Mauritius. This island represents a sumptuous destination for stunning turquoise beaches. Islands, beaches, greenery, sunshine and the translucent blue ocean. Mauritius is considered by some as the original model of paradise! You will reach enchanting places like Ile aux Deux Cocos, Gris-gris or Blue Bay. Mauritius is an internationally certified tourist reference with a large choice of amazing hotels.

grand bay Photos

Beach in front of Eden Beach restaurant in Grand Bay


Filao tree at La Cuvette terraced & rocky beach


La Cuvette beach near Royal Palm hotel


Speed boat in lagoon of La Cuvette public beach


Sea waves in front of royal palm hotel


Bird's Eye view of the capital of Port-Louis by night


Starring at Grand Bay sunset & seascape in Mauritius